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Hi. I'm WeX_. I'm making music. It's my huge passion. But I need to train more on my tracks so that's why I'm here. To hear opinion from others about my tracks.

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Im sorry...

Posted by wexofficial - 1 month ago

I really dont want to do this... But i need to leave music behind... I realized i dont have talent and my music is shit... Im sorry... Im gonna cancel my first EP and upload my last, very last song... It was great time making music for you...




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Buddy, if this is for the low scores you had in your tracks, I don't really think you should abandon music production (or be a drama queen looking for attention in case of you're doing that. If you're not, please ignore this last thing).
You don't need to always live from people's opinion, you just do whatever you like and upload it just for the sake of showing the world what you're capable of and the fact that you're proud of it.
When I first started uploading stuff, those were all considered bad songs and were underrated (i remember one of them being deleted for some reason). Heck, I even thought about abandoning making music, but I just kept uploading because I liked creating, making new music and making or remaking already existing ones!
I recommend not to throw the towel too son because you will someday regret it. You can do it :)

P.D.: Bro the sound design in your productions is actually really good! One thing you can try is to compensate repetitivity by adding new sounds to the part or altering already existing ones, so the song doesn't sound too repetitive. Good luck!

Maybe youre right... Also im not making music anymore cuz simply i dont have any ideas for intro and stuff... The only things i can do is drop, sadly. But thanks. Ill try not to give up again.